Aspen Tongue & Groove

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Made proudly in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Wilson Tongue and Groove boards offer a premium experience in both looks and installation. Our quality tongue and groove is random length and end matched. You will receive a variety of board lengths from 18 to 72 inches shipped to your door. Not only will this selection of boards simplify staggering seams and reduce waste, you only have to trim boards to finish off corners and edges. Additionally, each board is end matched on both sides to allow for a fast and easy installation. The end matched pieces are very sturdy when fitted together, and this snug fit allows you to attach to studs when convenient, skipping a seam if needed. Each board is trimmed to remove major imperfections with no holes or flaws. Boards are reversible to reveal a traditional "V" groove or contemporary nickel gap look. We recommend ordering at least 5% over your needed square footage to account for any custom cuts. 

Nearly white in color, aspen is easy to work with by cutting easily and resistant to splitting. What’s unique about aspen is its low flammability and incredible resistance to rotting and warping, making it the perfect wood if you plan to expose it to extreme temperature and humidity environments.

  • Random length, 18" to 6' long
  • End matched, easy and quick installation 
  • Reversible boards to reveal V-Groove or Nickel Gap
  • Efficient use of materials, no boards wasted
  • Easy materials estimation 
  • Sold by the square foot

Order sizes:

  • 4" - 32 square feet
  • 6" - 26 square feet